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The 3D printing bunion correction system was approved by the FDA

Orthopaedic equipment company i.e. the Orthopaedics announced its 3 d printing minimally invasive intramedullary hallux valgus correction system won FDA approval. "With this new 3D printing implant, we can get the correct plate function that is not available through standard manufacturing processes. Over time, the 3D printing implant allows an area of the correction plate to provide additional fixation and strength, allowing the bones to grow and pass through it. After a bunion surgery, such a function will allow the bones to be more reliably integrated and calibrated, "said Selene Parekh, a professor of surgery.

Surgeons have implanted more than 400 Additive Orthopaedics devices since the company's first commercialized product was launched at the end of 2016. In A recent round of financing, the 3D printing orthopaedic expert received $1 million in investment.